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“Quality is determined by accuracy and completeness.”

Larry Sanger

TimingHQ utilizes the top timing/scoring platforms available today - MyLaps bib tag systems.  When evaluating the different timing technologies, TimingHQ recognized quickly that MyLaps was at the forefront of timing. MyLaps utilizes a reliable, high-frequency, disposable tag solution that is affixed to a participant's bib. We believe this solution is the leading technology in the timing market, and provides the best possible experiences for both event staff and participants, as well as the most accurate results. The MyLaps disposable tag solution is not as prone to human error as other disposable tag solutions, and for this reason is the preferred timing solution for events such as the Boston Marathon, Amsterdam Marathon, Chicago Marathon, Marathon of Berlin, Austin Marathon, and many more.

TimingHQ also offers the latest technology in online apps and results platforms which enables participants and spectators a direct realtime link to their results.

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