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Our Commitment


TimingHQ is committed to helping do our part to decrease our environmental footprint, while increasing our positive impact.


While TimingHQ works with vendors to supply products to the events we service, TimingHQ is committed to working with and using companies with sustainable plans in place and/or purchase credits.

The medals we purchased are made with recycled medals and/or zinc and ribbons supplied from recycled plastics and yarn.

When purchasing shirts for our clients, we recommend purchasing shirts made from recyclable materials. Including shirts material and inks.

Bibs we purchase are made with recyclable paper products.

We are committed to no plastic packaging for any of our products shipped to our customers. We utilize potato based biodegradable packing peanuts, paper base for packaging medals, awards, shirts, bibs and packaging material to ship products.

While TimingHQ requires travel for events, THQ is committed to working with airlines and car rental suppliers that have a carbon offset programs.

THQ has also committed to not using gas generators for power, using only rechargeable power banks decreasing use of fossil fuels and decreasing gas emissions.

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